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Kiva Loans

Kiva is an on-line lending platform connecting lenders to entrepreneurs across the globe. Kiva means "unity" in Swahili. These are "loans" that are paid back. This is a self-sustaining ministry. Our team meets quarterly to allocate these loans. Visit their website KIVA.

The KIVA loan team loaned a total of $400.00 to six people from three different countries. Their pictures and stories are told here.  The Team is scheduled to meet again in January 2023. We are starting with a balance of $2.24, we are hoping our repayments will allow us to make additional loans the next time we meet.

Petronila's story- PHILLIPHINES

Petronila is 54 years old, married and has eight children who are now adult age. For the past years, she and her husband have run a small family farm to earn a living. They grow rice plants. They have been in this livelihood for many years to support the family.  Now, she asks for a loan of PHP 10,000 through Kiva’s lending partner, CEVI-Philippines, for additional capital to buy fertilizer for their plants.


Myrna's story- PHILLIPHINES

Myrna has four children. She is a very hard-working entrepreneur. She is 51 years old and has two children who are in school. Myrna has a rice retail business in the Philippines. She requested a PHP 15,000 loan through NWTF to purchase more sacks of rice to be sold.  She has been in this business for 2 years. In the future, Myrna would like to save enough money so she could afford to send her children to college.


Emad's story - JORDAN

Emad is doing what he loves and that is why it is hard for him to let go.  Machinery rental has been his business for as long as most of the people of the town can remember. When he entered the business, there was only him in the market. With a little help, he set up a store that houses all the machinery. He knows each one thoroughly. This makes him the man to ask for help with machinery. A loan will help him get new machines and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.


Emelia's story - PHILLIPHINES 

Emelia lives in the province of Concepcion, Iloilo. She is 56 years old, married and has one dependent. To earn an income, Emelia runs various businesses like a sari-sari (variety) store, hog-raising and fishing. She has been in this business for many years now.  Emelia is asking for a loan of PHP 50,000. She will use this loan for additional capital to buy more stocks for her store. The rest of the loan will be used to buy a fishing net.  Emelia aspires to improve her business in the future and become successful.


Divina's story - PHILLIPHINES

Divina is 43 years old and married with two children in school. Divina works very hard to provide for them.  Divina runs a general store in the Philippines and requested a PHP 20,000 loan through NWTF to buy items to sell like canned goods, junk food, etc., to sell in her general store.  Divina has been in this business for 4 years and sells a variety of items.  In the future Divina would like to save enough money so she could afford to send her children to college.


Georginia's story – TIMOR LESTE

Georginia is a modest and enterprising married woman. She has a very good understanding and much experience of the general store business. She has one of her own which she has been running for many years. Her store is in an excellent spot that is easy to find and where many people always come to buy her goods every day.  Running her business has made Georginia become more independent because she can be responsible for herself, and she can also help to support her family's everyday income.

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